The Precision Big Bale feeder feeds the large square bales of hay, 3x3, and 3x4. I built it for horse lovers who don't have the time, the equipment, or in some cases the physical ability to haul and stack hay to feed their horses. With many working families the feeding chore often falls to Mom. She can hook this machine on to her SUV, go to the hay supplier where he loads her a bale of hay.  When she gets home she parks it in the most convenient place for feeding, inside the barn, in the corral, or outside the corral along the fence line. And, she never has to touch the bale. To feed she simply pushes a button to fill a basket or bunk with loose hay. 

It is a definite benefit to individual horse owners, as well as equine veterinary services,  that don't have the storage space and don't have a tractor/loader but would like to take advantage of the cost saving from feeding large square bales. The savings being the cost per ton over small bales with almost zero waste. 

This feeder is a fully self contained hydraulic machine. The hydraulic power unit runs two systems on the machine. One, the bale pusher is powered by a hydraulic cylinder chain drive that gradually moves the bale into the flake knock-off section. Second, the hydraulic power unit runs a hydraulic motor that runs four sets of knives mounted on two circular chains that break up the tightly packed flakes and pushes the loose hay in to the container below.

The hydraulic power pack uses a 12 volt DC marine battery to power the DC motor built in to the power pack which makes the feeder portable and can be used at any location. 

If the feeder will be located where 110-115 volt AC power is easily available, then the feeder can  be built with a 110 VAC motor  rather than the 12 VDC motor. If you are involved in some area of the horse industry such as training and boarding , equine veterinary services, or you have a large number of horses, a portable feeder might not fit your operation. A stationary feeder that has the same benefits of cost and labor savings might be a better fit for you.

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