stationary large bale feeders


a portable.jpg

Portable Precision Hay Feeder

This sketch is the portable precision hay feeder. You can see this machine at work in the video in the Large Bale Feeder section. It has all the equipment for a legal over the road trailer, tail lights with stop and turn signals, tires and wheels, spring axle suspension, clearance lights, and 2 inch safety rated ball hitch. The bale pusher and the flake knock-off section are powered by a 12 volt DC hydraulic power pack.



a stationary.jpg

Stationary Large Bale Feeders

This sketch is the stationary version of the Precision Hay Feeder. These units are built with a stationary base as a part of the frame in place of the portable equipment. These units would be powered by the 110 Volt AC power pack.



abc training.jpg

ABC Boarding & Training

This is a sample commercial horse operation I call  ABC Boarding & Training Stables. This operation has (16)  12x12 stalls, (8) 25x50 corrals,  and (8) stationary 3x3 big bale feeders. Each feeder would feed 2 horses for about 2 weeks at about 30 pounds per day.  The feeders in this illustration are located at the end of each corral.  The feed basket are filled then rolled under the fence. It could be a single basket shown in the upper left corral or a longer basket for two horses to feed at the same time shown in the center left corral. The bales can be loaded in to the feeder from either side and the controls can be located on either side when built depending on how they will be used.

We offer free on-site preliminary design study to explore the possibilities and benefits of a stationary system. We will draw up design options based on the layout of your operation with cost estimates. The labor savings and feed cost reduction possibilities could be substantial.