large SQUARE Bale Cattle Feeder


Feeding square bales from a flat bed truck or trailer is normally a two person operation and can be brutal in below zero winter weather kicking off flakes of frozen hay. There is a better way. It is a one person operation loading a bale on the Single Bale Precision Hay Cattle Feeder or two bales on the Two Bale Precision Hay Cattle Feeder then get into a warm truck and spread the flakes out, frozen or not, with the touch of a button. A 40hp tractor with a front end loader can pick up and load the 3x3 or 3x4 bales onto the Precision Hay Feeder. The Big Bale Cattle Feeders are hydraulically operated either by a Tractor operated hydraulic remote or a 3,000 PSI hydraulic power pack.  The single bale pusher is fully retracted with a touch of a button in less than 8 seconds and ready to reload. It will feed 3x3x8'-0" or 3x4x8'-0" bales.  The two bale 20 ft long machine feeds 4x4 or 3x4 or 3x3 bales.   For pricing and availability call Bill at 720-240-1119.