This drawing shows how the feeder option would be added to a typical stock trailer.

The chain drive would be either welded or bolted to the inside of the side wall depending on whether the tires are inside or outside of the body and the location of the dividers.

The hydraulic pump and reservoir can be installed in any number of locations. The hydraulic motor would be mounted so the #60 keyed chain sprocket drives from the center of the 1 ¼” drive shaft that has the two keyed drive chain sprockets.

stock trailer double chain feeder.jpg

The 4ft x 4ft. or 3ft. x 3ft. bales are loaded from the rear of the trailer between the floor guide rails. To load a two bale trailer the pusher bar is removed from the back of the bale and when the bar attachment brackets on the chain are fully extended the pusher bar is re attached and the motor reversed pushing the bale to the front of the trailer. The bar is then returned to the back of the first bale. The second bale is loaded and pushed in place with the tractor or loader.

The hydraulic flake knock-off works exactly like the Large Square Bale Feeder . It also works in unison to knock off the flakes and to retract. The only difference is this knock-off is custom designed for the specific trailer.